Specialty services

We offer a full range of specialty services.  We have the tools and machinery to get even the most challenging of projects completed efficiently.  Whether you want us to design and complete the work or just need a hand for certain aspects of the DYI project.   Our specialty services include:

1.  Power raking.  For grading, cleaning, rock removal, and soil preparation.   This specialized equipment cleans and fine-tunes soils preparing the area for lawn, runoff, or beds.

2.  Power Auger.   We have augers mounted on excavators and two-man handheld units for fencing, planting, and foundation applications.  Up to 24" diameter bits available.

3. Hydraulic Thumbs.   The ultimate clean up tool.  We can pick up trees, logs, stumps, garbage, concrete, block, metal....anything you can think of.   This is a tremendous time-saving tool for cleaning up your property and doing major renovations.

4. 4 in one buckets.  Another specialty grading and clearing tool in our arsenal of excavation equipment. Picks up piles of debris, grades and fine-tunes with dozer edge, and can remove stumps or fenceposts.

5. Track dump.   The ultimate off-road dump truck perfect for working in normally inaccessible areas and slopes.  Ideal for steep lake access and material moving.  

6. Screener.   We can screen soil on-site and separate the rock from usable soils.

7. Compaction equipment.   Heavy-duty gas and diesel compactors for backfilling large retaining walls, prepping patios and walkways.

8.  Demolition equipment.  Concrete removal services and jackhammers.   We can do in a few hours what would take the average homeowner a few days to complete.

9.  Landscape Lighting.   Low voltage landscape lighting is one of our personal favorites.  We can make your home stand out from the rest of the block using high quality, professional fixtures.  We also offer demo lights so you have an idea of what everything will look like when it is done.

10. French drains and downspout routing.  We love fixing water problems!   We have fixed many basements in the last 25 years through proper grading and drainage.  We have seen homeowners spend thousands of dollars on "basement french drains"  and not fix the reason why the water got there in the first place.  We understand "cause and effect".  We fix the "cause" of the water at its source rather than collecting the water in a french drain (effect) after it has gotten to your basement.  Often, our fixes to the water problem add value to the home with a new properly pitched patio or a properly graded yard.  A basement drain will often add zero value to a home when completed and cost as much, or more, than the new patio and grading we provide.        

 11.  Excavation.  Major and minor grading projects of all sizes.

12.  Stump Grinding and removal.   We can grind or pull your yard stumps out and even haul them away if needed.