Retaining Walls

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From decorative walls to a structural load-bearing wall system we can provide all of your wall needs.  Retaining walls can be used to correct grades, redirect water problems, increase property value, provide new usable areas within your property, and of course, become a decorative, visually pleasing aspect of your home's overall landscape plan.   

Expert Installations of Retaining Walls

RM Landscaping provides homeowners across Morris County, New Jersey with dependable and affordable installations of retaining walls. If you are thinking about adding a retaining wall to your home, please contact us today. We can provide you with a free consultation and provide you with all the necessary information in order to make the best decision possible. Please call (973) 347-6667 to speak to our offices. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have about our array of services. So please, do not hesitate to reach out and learn more about our contracting services!

Retaining walls are important for the safety and integrity of any property. They correct grades, increase property value, provide new, usable areas within your property, and redirect water problems. All while still becoming a visually pleasing part of your overall landscape. The overall purpose of a retaining wall is to restrain soil to a slope that is unnatural to the land. However, the wall is used to steer a near-vertical or vertical slope. They also help with erosion control, which helps to maintain the shape of a property.